Criteria: Red Level Starters

RED Level – 36-Foot Court – Starters / Entry-Level Players (Ages 5 and Up) 


Your child will be introduced the “STARTERS” program, a level which is for the RED Level player who is learning the game of tennis and can send and return the ball. Coaches are working with their players to be able rally over the net and use forehands and backhands. The focus is on the player beginning the match play by using a drop-hit or underarm serve.


    • Forehand – Drop hit – Send to targets, send with accuracy
    • Backhand – Drop hit – Send over the net to Zone
    • Starting – Drop hit – to player with forehand or underarm serve to a partner

Goal:  Preparation for rally exchange with a partner

Match Play Criteria

  • Rally the ball over the net with another player 5 or more times (not with a coach or higher level player).
  • Player can drop-hit or serve underhand to start the point.
  • Rally with forehand and backhand during point play.
  • Can keep score and is learning how to make line calls in or out.
  • Should be able to focus for 10-15 minutes.
  • Ages 5 and up.
  • Points are started by sending the ball over the net and the opponent returns the ball back over the net. The ball must cross the net twice to begin the point.
  • Matches are timed.

Move Up Criteria: to move up to the Red Level

Players should be able to perform the following skills and their coach must verify.

  • Cooperative Partner Rally – 8-10 Ball exchange including forehand and backhand strokes
  • Demonstrate the ability to serve underarm or overhead to the service box, aiming to both deuce and ad courts, 2 tries
  • Control the ball within the 36-foot court