What sets Benchmark Tennis apart from other tennis events and programming is our criteria. We set skill and ability criteria for junior tennis players at all stages of their development. We set standards for the way we teach the strokes and the game, and we require juniors to pass through a progression of skill tests to advance.

  • Programming: indicates the primary purpose of the instruction at this level and the list of strokes or strategies that we teach. There is a Goal for play at each level.
  • Match Play Criteria: lists the skills required in order to play meaningful matches at this level.
  • Move Up Criteria: lists the skills that the player must demonstrate to their coach before they can move up to the next level.

There is no hurry to advance to the next level! Although players and parents are often eager to advance, those players that take their time and solidify their skill base at the current level are more comfortable and more likely to succeed at the higher levels of the game.

Consistent Expectations Result in Better Play.
We focus on PLAYABILITY instead of Technical Expertise.

Technical Skill and Tactical Planning Recommendations by Level

We believe that by providing an environment where students are exposed to three critical areas of tennis development: Coaching, Playing and Advancing; they will be connected and become stronger players, have more fun, and stay in the game for life! Each level has a minimum of five (5) benchmarks that a player must achieve before participation in an event.

At each level of learning, we define the programming that our coaches offer at that level, as well as the criteria required for Match Play and the Move-Up criteria required to advance to the next level.