How do I sign up my child into one of these programs? ​

  • Refer to the About page to locate a Coach and Location that is nearest to you. Then contact the coach to find out more about their programs, lessons, practices, and why we focus on preparation for match play events.

Can I do a “drop in” for my child at one of the Match Play events?

  • No, You need to have coach’s approval and be a part of their program.

How do I make payment for Match Play events?

  • For each event, contact the coach who is organizing it to find out how to sign-up and make payments.

Is there a registration period?

  • Yes, general registration ends about a week before the match play event.  You may contact the host coach to see if there is room for additional players.

Are these Match Play Events sponsored by the USTA?

  • Benchmark Tennis Match Play Events are not associated with the USTA and do not require USTA membership.
  • USTA Tournaments, Play Days, Junior Team Tennis, HITS Program, and Festivals are not part of our program pathway.

What should my child wear and bring to the Match Play?

  • Tennis Shoes – Non-marking soles are mandatory
  • Wear shorts with pockets or a tennis skirt, and bring a cap
  • Bring sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Bring water bottle and snack

Parents Heads Up……

  • Make sure your child arrives at least 15 minutes before all events, practices and clinics.
  • When you are on court, please help out by supervising and monitoring courts that your son / daughter is not on.
  • Send your child with proper clothing to stay warm as the temperature does change quickly.
  • ​Drinks other than water are sometimes not provided, so please ensure your child has enough to meet his or her hydration needs.
  • If you need to speak to a coach, please send an email or text them first so they can respond to you properly. On court meetings are not good when there is a match in progress.