Criteria: Red Level

RED Level – 36-Foot Court – Players with the Ability to Serve, Rally, and Keep Score (Ages 5 and Up) 


Your child will be introduced to the game of tennis on a 36-foot court, and will build their skills through progressions of the simple strokes in tennis. Lessons are centered around game-based activities in a positive environment. The focus is on practicing what they have learned in Receiving, Sending, Serving, and Scoring.


  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Serve
  • Volley
  • Movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination
  • Scoring Points, In / Out Calls
  • How to Play the Game

Goal:  Preparation for Singles Match play ** Rally, Serve, and Score on 36-foot court **

Match Play Criteria

  • Serve 5 of 10 balls in, deliberately aiming to both sides of the court
  • Partner Rally 8 – 10 ball exchange
  • Able to play and score points with another player
  • Able to receive and respond to serves
  • Able to focus and play for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Match is a 7-point tiebreaker – first to 7 points wins

Move Up Criteria: to move up to the Orange Level

Players should be able to perform the following skills with red balls on the 36′ court, and their coach must verify.

  • Cooperative Partner Rally – 30-Ball exchange, including forehand and backhand strokes
  • Serve 7 out of 10 balls in, aiming to both deuce and ad courts, 2 tries
  • Control and Send the ball to the open court and to three zones/lanes
  • Place volleys to the open court and hit overhead shots
  • Tactics: Play with control, able to make decisions, shot selection, use the open court
  • Appropriate age and height – Coach approval required