Getting Started

If you are new to Benchmark Tennis, please contact us to learn more how your child can get started.

USTA – Benchmark Tennis is NOT associated with the USTA Junior Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis, Play Days, Festivals, or the HITS program.

Most USTA Junior Tournaments are over registered and use a blind draw to decide who is accepted when there is a limited number of spots. Additionally, there are no standard for who can apply to the tournament, so your child may end up playing a complete beginner. Membership is also required with USTA, an additional fee.

Benchmark Tennis keeps it simple, is a great value, and is positioned to get the players ready for tournament or league play at all levels. 

Benchmark Tennis Match Play Events do not allow for over registration because the host coaches keep track of registrants and confirm back to the parents on the status. No separate membership fee is required.

Because we have developed and set standards for the minimum level of play required for our events, the match play is sure to be a positive and rewarding experience for parents and participants.