We would like to hear how we can help your child get started playing the game. Let us know what you are looking for and what days and times are best.
Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm about Benchmark Tennis. We are a group of tennis coaches as listed on the Coaches page, and we welcome your comments or questions. If you’d like to address one coach in particular, please note the coach’s name in your message.

Here is the contact information for the Benchmark Tennis coaches.

  • David Panconi, San Jose SRC, 408-893-1405,, Master of Tennis – PTR Junior Development, USPTA Elite and PTR Professional
  • Al Juodikis, Wallenberg Park, 408-893-2650,, PTR and USPTA Tennis Professional
  • Leslie Johnson, San Jose SRC, 408-499-5387,, PTR – Tennis Professional
  • Ken DeHart, Alpine Hills TSC, 408-892-3806,, International Master of Tennis – PTR, USPTA Master Professional
  • David Hilton, Calabazas Park, 408-483-4485,, Tennis Professional
  • Brett Foreman, Bramhall Park, 408-509-5011,, Tennis Professional
  • Sharon Lamond, Whitlinger & Sarsfield Tennis, 408-712-7361,, PTR – Tennis Professional
  • Noi Chery, Los Gatos SRC, 408-674-1253,, USPTA Tennis Professional