Criteria: Orange Level

ORANGE Level – 60-Foot Court


Your child will be introduced to the game of tennis on a 60-foot court, and will build their skills through advanced stroke progressions, including use of topspin and underspin. Court management and tactics will be introduced. The focus is on serving, proper swing path, and athletic development.


  • Consistency – Ball Control – Height, Direction, Depth, Spin, and Speed
  • Anticipation, Reaction, and Recovery
  • Stroke Refinement – Beginning to End
  • Use of Spin and Shot Making
  • Transition to the Net – Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed
  • Competition – Game Scoring – Offense and Defense
  • Movement – Court Coverage and Strategic Positioning
  • Develop the Doubles Game

Goal: Preparation for Singles and Doubles Match play on a 60-foot court

Match Play Criteria

  • Serve 7 of 10 balls in, aiming to both sides of the court
  • Cooperative Partner Rally 25-ball exchange
  • Able to play and score points with another player, receive and respond to serves
  • Focus for 10-20 minutes
  • Match is 10-point tiebreaker – First to 10 points wins.

Move Up Criteria: to move up to the Green Level

Players must practice with the Green Ball in order to perform the following skills, and their coach must verify.

  • Partner Rally – 20-Ball exchange with Green Balls on 60’ court, including forehand and backhand strokes
  • Serve 5 out of 10 Green balls in, from 60’ baseline, aiming to both deuce and ad courts
  • Demonstrate the ability to cover the court from side to side & baseline to net
  • Control and Send the ball to the open court and to various zones 
  • Place volleys to the open court and hit overhead shots
  • Tactics: Play with control, able to make decisions, shot selection, use of the open court
  • Appropriate age and height – Coach approval required
Ask us about our Player Skill Report! Players should be able to score at least 60% or higher on this test.